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Largest private company for the distribution and supply of natural gas in Republic of Moldova.

We ensure the supply of natural gas to our consumers through our own distribution grid. Having a significant market share of 3% by the number of consumers, as well as by the volume of distributed gas, we are a key player in the gas market in Moldova and offer services that meet the highest requirements of our consumers.

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Altaris Energy / Rotalin Gaz

We are a private company founded in 2003, with the aim of developing the gasification system of the Republic of Moldova. With the intensive private investments and the efforts of our qualified specialists, over the years of its existence, the company has created an extensive infrastructure and fully covers the population’s need for natural gas in 5 regions of Moldova serving over 40 locations.

Our reputation as a reliable and promising company allows us to build stable relationships with business partners and attracts new gas consumers every year.

In accordance with the European Union Third Energy Package and guided by the Regulations of the National Regulatory Agency (ANRE), our company is currently in the process of reorganization to separate the interests of gas supply from the distribution network operator.  We actively cooperate with ANRE, the Energy Community, involve international experts, develop effective solutions to increase the transparency of retail markets, protect the rights of consumers and stakeholders.




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Distribuția gazelor

Una din direcțiile prioritare ale activității noastre este să asigure distribuția gazelor în siguranță și fără probleme a gazelor naturale.

Furnizarea gazelor naturale

Furnizarea gazelor naturale în cantități necesare pentru toate categoriile de consumatori : instituțiilor de stat și municipale, organizațiilor comerciale, populației pentru uz casnic.

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Number – (+373) 022220319  &  fax: (+373) 022220321

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